teaching team


Barbou Des Places Ségolène, University Professor in Public Law, Law and law's policy of Human Rights

Burgorgue-Larsen Laurence, University Professor in Public Law, European Convention on Human Rights and European Charter of Human Rights

Ferrero Julie, Lecturer in Public Law, Law and policy of Human Rights

Hubé Nicolas, Research associate in political science, European institutions and democracies

Maddalon Philippe, University Professor in Public Law, Deputy director of IREDIES, Non discrimination law.

Martine Jean, University Professor in Public Law, International protection of Human Rights

Peraldi-Leneuf Fabienne, University Professor in Public Law, Constitutional theories of European integration

Pingel Isabelle, University Professor in Public Law, European litigation

Robin-Olivier Sophie, University Professor in Private Law and Criminal Sciences, European Social Law

Vauchez Antoine, CNRS Research Professor in Political sociology and Law at the Centre européen de sociologie et de science politique, European institutions and democracies




Afande Koffi Kumélio, international judge, on international criminal law.


Andrivet Caroline, alumna, Lawyer, Law of Foreigners and Nationality, Personal and Family Law.


Ben Achour Rafâa, judge at the African Court on Human Rights


Besson Samantha, professor and Chair at the college de France


Bisson Bertille, alumna, Jurist, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Justice.


Bray Robet, Chief of the Secretary of the Legal affairs committee in the European Parliament


De Capitani Emilio, secretary on the LIBE committee of the European Parliament on “The values of the EU and the rule of Law”


De Salbia Michel, former secretary at the European commission on Human Rights, on the 20th anniversary of the African Court on Human Rights.


Eléonore Morel, Director of the International Federation for Human Rights, on the current challenges for Human rights.


Foundation Rosa Abreu de Grancheron the EU climate and environmental Policy.


Galetta Diana, professor at Milan University, and Jacques Ziller, professor at the Pavia University, on the “Independence of the European judges and EU law”


Ginsburg Tom, professor at Chicago University on democracy.


Huq Aziz Z., professor at Chicago University on democracy.


Lacorne Denis, Honorary professor at Science Po, on religious tolerance.


Oetheimer Mario, Head of sector information society, privacy and Data protection, European Union for Fundamental Rights, on the surveillance by intelligence services.


Oswaldo Chiriboga, former jurist at the inter-American court and professor at the CEU in Budapest


Piketty Thomas, Director of the EHESS and researcher at LSE on economics and inequalities in the XXI century.


Prince Zeid Ra'ad Al Hussein, high commissioner at the UN office for Human Rights, with Anne Hidalgo, Paris Mayor, François Croquette, ambassador for Human Rights, Dimitris Christopoulos, representing for the FIDH for the World day for Human Rights at the French ministry of foreign affairs.


Rask Madsen Mikael, director and professor of the center of excellence for international courts, seminar on the European integration and Human rights


Rodriguez Stéphane, lecturer at the Sorbonne Law School on Brexit.


Thurlaw Setsuko, Peace Nobel Prize laureate who survived Hiroshima bombing.


Tulkens Françoise, former judge at the European Court on Human rights, on security and Human rights