Each year, the students of the Master 2 DHUE complete a collective dissertation throughout the year. 


Cohort of 2020

Evolution of the use of the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union by the Court of Justice 


By Lori BASTIANUTTI, Dalila BOUZAR, Loïc CHAVE, Antonia-Evangelia CHRISTOPOULOU, Babacar DABO, Ivan DIAZ, Gabriel FERNET, Philémon GARABIOL--MACHEREY, Maxime GIORGI, Lucie GRARD, Djidja KOFFI, Pauline LAVARENNE, Lorène LECOEUCHE, Adèle LEMIRE, Clément LIENARD, Valérian MULLER, Dimitri PERREAU-SAUSSINE, Marjorie PINAR, Agnès RIBET, Rémy ROCHE